Best Online Casinos that Accept Players from Germany

General Overview

Gambling in Germany is generally acceptable but not legal. Although, different laws guide its operations state-by-state. Whether land-based gambling or online gambling, operators most likely need state permits to run a gambling company in the country. Despite the bureaucracies, lotteries in Germany are very popular and each state has its public and private lotteries. These lotteries are controlled by an organisation called the main lottery. Physical casinos and betting shops can be found in 14 out of the 16 states in the Deutschland. Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern do not have casinos. The German government ensures the protection of its citizens from compulsive gambling and there is even a limit to the amount that you can bet and wins likewise. Online slots are outlawed in the country.


A brief history of gambling in Germany

During the Second World war, gambling activities were prohibited in Germany. Thereafter, the new constitution allowed states to create and enact laws that would regulate gambling in the respective domains. At that time, most laws were aimed at regulating the popular games which were horse racing, lotteries and sports betting. As time went on, laws began to change and some restrictions were lifted to accommodate more players. In 1995, most of the restrictions were lifted. 

In 2008, the Interstate Gambling Treaty also known as the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag was passed, allowing individual states to regulate gambling respectively. This treaty also banned all forms of online gambling that were not government-established. After some time, the treaty became shaky as there were opposing views as to the legality of the treaty even from the European Union. In 2012, the Schleswig-Holstein state dropped out of the treaty and gave out licenses to private-owned gamblers. Although, this development didnt last long due to change in power. But the private operators still had their license intact till 2018. 

Currently, there have been debates for the approval of online gambling in the German legislature and there could be a light at the end of the tunnel, with reports of a new law that would allow online poker and casino from July 2021. 


Online Gambling Law in Germany

Before recent developments, online gambling was banned in Germany. However, operators with licenses from certain European Union members are allowed to exercise their European freedom but must undertake regular assessment from relevant authorities. Operators with the licenses from the state of Schleswig-Holstein are still allowed to operate till June 2021. 


Payment Options in Germany

Since online gambling in Germany is banned. The payment options available are those from platforms that have the rights from sister-European states. The following are the popular payment methods for players in Germany

Neteller, Skrill, EcoCard, Giropay, Paysafecard, Citadel Direct, Paypal, SOFORT, Cryptocurrencies.


License Commission in Germany

Since the Gaming Act of Schleswig-Holstein, online casinos were able to operate under the licenses issued by the state are monitored by the local ministry of the Interior. However, on the overall, online gambling is prohibited in Germany unless they are operating in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.


Helplines for Problem Gamblers

Germany is very strict with gambling regulations with stringent rules to reduce the negative effects of gambling addiction. However, people showing signs of addiction can contact Gluecksspielsucht Problem Gambling Hotline at 0800 0776611.


Germany Online Casino FAQs

Who is Germany's gambling supervision authority?

The regulation of gambling in Germany is based on state by state basis. Largely covering only brick and mortar gambling alone, each state reserves the right to enforce gambling rules. 

What are the new German online gambling laws?

The new online gambling law will come into effect in July 2021, allowing interstate gambling regulation, allowing online poker and casinos to operate in the country.

What is the legal age limit to gamble in Germany?

The legal age to engage in any form of gambling activity is 18 years of age in Germany. 

Do I need to pay a tax fee on online casino winnings in Germany?

At the moment, there are no additional tax fees attached to claim winnings, but that will change under the new gambling laws from July 2021. 

Can I claim an online casino bonus in Germany?

Yes, players from Germany also get to enjoy online bonuses from casinos that allow players from the country.